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How AI is affecting our daily lives.
My a.i. World

My a.i. World

How Artificial Intelligence is affecting our daily lives.

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Explore the uses of AI. For non-tech users. Not just the AI gurus and experts. Words and articles anyone can understand. Reduce the jargon. When is it useful and when is it not.

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– Since 2121 – The coolest dose of AI you’re ever gonna get. Subscribe For Free What is AI:M? AI:M compiles cool experiments, tutorials, videos and other sources for learning more about AI and related...


Topic, sector and function-wise notes on applications of AI Today through the blog.

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Newsworthy stuff related to AI curated from across the web through sources that I follow and learn from. Strategy & Marketing AI Applications From Research Institutes On Ethical AI for Everyone Other Companies Strategy &...

How to find the right AI project?

There are many ways AI can help companies. Automation, Optimization, Innovation and many more. There are tons of companies that use AI effectively today. Yet, it is still a fact that most early AI initiatives fail to take-off. Why? and How do you find a project best suited for your company's first, second or even 10th AI Project?​ Read More "How to find the right AI project?"

How to build an AI organization? Do we even need one?

Short primers on some frequently asked questions for businesses trying to get value from AI. In this article, we explore when and how a company needs to start building organization-wide capabilities for AI. Read More "How to build an AI organization? Do we even need one?"

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

Science fiction has built up the notion of artificial intelligence for several years. Giving machines intellect often spells the end of humankind as they rise up against their founders and free themselves from oppression. The ability of a pc or other machine to do those activities that are usually thought to require intelligence. The branch of computer science concerned with the growth of machines having this ability. Read More "Artificial Intelligence Everywhere"

AI-powered Writing

From publishers to news agencies to the business next door, many are already using AI to write. So, yes, AI-powered writing is here. This article explores some of the ways in which AI is enhancing a writer's job now-a-days. Read More "AI-powered Writing"