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Ability Mail Server With License Code Free Download [Win/Mac]
Ability Mail Server With License Code Free Download [Win/Mac]

Ability Mail Server With License Code Free Download [Win/Mac]







Ability Mail Server 1.2.6 Crack+ Download PC/Windows

Ability Mail Server 2022 Crack is a self-configuring email server. With this tool you can easily share your emails (POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and WebMail protocols) between several computers and configure multiple email routes.
Ability Mail Server is a simple and reliable way to create your own personal email server. This tool allows you to configure email services (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4) and store data (IMAP, WebMail) on a mail server you choose (AS/DNS, Windows Server, Debian), so you can share emails between several computers.
Ability Mail Server Features:
– Self-configuring email server.
– Support for multiple protocols. POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, LDAP, WebMail.
– Multi-server connection.
– Configure any number of email addresses on the server.
– Create accounts.
– Manage accounts and users.
– Use and manage email domains.
– SMTP authentication.
– Add domains to the server.
– Add users to selected domains.
– Set up and manage multiple email routes.
– Maintain lists of IP addresses.
– Set up message filtering.
– Create and manage your own SSL certificate.
– Manage files and downloads.
– Run mail servers as a Windows service.
– Create custom actions.
– Optimized mail server UI.
– Manage accounts, users and groups.
– Configure the domain and parameters.
– Setup and use filters.
– Set up the spam filter.
– Manage multiple email accounts.
– Manage multiple email addresses.
– Set up and manage addresses and mailing lists.
– Use and manage contact information.
– Support for SSL certificate.
– Export mailing lists to a CSV file.
– Ability to run the setup wizard.
– Support for ODBC.
– Ability to manage accounts and groups.
– Ability to manage user permissions and roles.
– Ability to manage users and groups.
– Ability to manage accounts and users.
– Ability to create and manage mail lists.
– Support for the following protocols: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, LDAP, WebMail.
– Ability to configure the SMTP server.
– Ability to configure the mail server with domains.
– Ability to manage the server parameters.
– Ability to manage the server policies and connection mode.
– Enable or disable services.

Ability Mail Server 1.2.6 With Serial Key

• Simplified user interface with intuitive graphical windows for immediate and easy setup.
• User-friendly wizards for setup and configuration of the program and the mail server.
• Configurable user accounts, mailing lists and contacts.
• Multiple protection and content filters (spam, content filters, antivirus).
• Robust and reliable mail server.
• User accounts with RAdmin and SASL login rights.
• Ability to generate SSL certificates and private keys.
• Support for public SSL servers and custom SSL keys.
• Setup and transfer of system and account data to the end-user hard drive.
• Ability to back up setup data to XML files.
• Ability to export data to a CSV format and import it into other programs.
• Support for SMTP relay server and third party SMTP servers.
• Anti-virus scan of all data on the server.
• Ability to validate DNS data.
• Ability to use Microsoft Technologies as a programming language.
• Support for bulk mailing and flexible usage of mailing lists.
• Support for on-line account forms to manage accounts.
• Automatic account creation when the user opens the email program.
• Ability to send an email message from the program to a predefined list of recipients.
• Ability to display and save outlook style settings.
• Attachments in ZIP format.
• Ability to use UTF-8 characters.
• Ability to support custom logos.
• Ability to create custom email addresses.
• Advanced filtering with five types of filters (contents, spam, anti-virus, blank messages and other).
• Anti-virus scanning of the email content as well as the file attachments.
• Multiple email clients integration (OOMAIL, ICONM, Windows Live Mail, Firefox, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and others).
• Transferable accounts and messages.
• Support for user accounts created and maintained by third parties.
• Possibility to back up data to the end-user hard drive.
• Possibility to send the whole mail server to the end-user hard drive.
• Ability to use the mail server on a publicly accessible network.
• Possibility to use IP filtering for the user accounts.
• Possibility to create public SSL certificates and private keys.
• Ability to create a configuration file in the XML format and connect to the mail server through the program.
• Ability to capture notification messages from the mail server

Ability Mail Server 1.2.6 Crack

Ability Mail Server is a professional email server that supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and WebMail protocols and comes with several protection tools in order to block spam, filter email content and scan data using the on-server antivirus.
Main Features:
Set up the email server to work with all of the following protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail
Add domains and users to the mail server
Set up a spam filter and protect the mail server with various tools
Check the server’s general state
Change passwords and recover user accounts
Install and manage SSL certificates


Setup the mail server to work with all of the following protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail


Add domains and users to the mail server


Set up a spam filter and protect the mail server with various tools


Check the server’s general state


Change passwords and recover user accounts


Install and manage SSL certificates

NOTE:1. It is not recommended to use a software that produces large-size log-files, because it may prevent the server from working properly.2. The values ​​of these settings are set according to the experienced administrators’ best practices.3. You can use the company’s Outlook calendar on your mobile phone to synchronize your appointments.4. You can use three types of filters – spam, content and antivirus.5. If there are domain names that should not be included in the SMTP server, they can be placed in the list of excluded domains.6. The Domain/Domain Server combo box allows you to enter a domain name. When you add the Domain/Domain Server combo box to the configuration section, you can set up each domain separately.7. Use one or several servers to optimize your email service.8. Start the server in either mode — NT service or application mode.9. Ability Mail Server automatically binds to available IPs.10. Allows you to use an NT service to start the software.11. Allows you to manage SSL certificates.12. Allows you to recover user accounts.13. You can validate DNS using the IP list, or set up DNS servers manually.14. You can modify an account’s data and recover it to a file.15. You can print all the data you receive.16. You can exchange

What’s New in the?

Ability Mail Server is one of the most sought after network mail servers. The program is a reliable email server package, offering an advanced, intuitive interface and a large set of features for both beginners and experts alike. Ability Mail Server is capable of sending, receiving, storing and transferring large volumes of email as well as providing the ability to access mail through LDAP, POP3/SMTP and IMAP4 protocols and deliver to multiple destinations, including DNS, ISP, and SMTP. Ability Mail Server is a dependable application that delivers state-of-the-art protection against spam and viruses. Ability Mail Server is ready to be used out of the box.

The program includes a long list of features for making it fast and easy to manage your email. The software’s easy to use interface makes it accessible for clients of any technical expertise and enables them to easily change settings and navigate the entire mail-server. The product comes with several pre-configured mail services, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and WebMail, and supports the following network and SSL security:
• SMTP SMTP authentication;
• POP3 POP3 authentication;
• IMAP IMAP4 authentication;
• WebMail IMAP4 authentication;
• LDAP DNS name, SSL private key, and LDAP password for user account management.
✓ Powerful spam filtering tools. Ability Mail Server is also a smart mail filter that is capable of blocking spam using several powerful tools, such as tarpitting and closing traffic based on source IP address, domain name, and sender email address. The program allows you to set up a specific amount of time (max. 2 days) to wait between repeated connections from the same IP and dynamically block hosts based on their country.
✓ Flexible architecture. The mail server is a perfect choice for users who want to connect their mail services to other existing server without establishing costly connections for each destination (SMTP servers, DNS servers, mail stores, etc.)
✓ Runs as a multi-threaded service and works with unlimited credentials accounts and domains.
✓ Powerful administrator tools. Ability Mail Server includes a long list of tools to help you manage the system easily, such as changing log levels, display filters, and automatically blocking/unblocking email addresses. The tools also let you perform SMTP tests, back up all data, reset passwords, import and export credentials, delete all mail, redirect and route email and check whether the

System Requirements:

Windows PC:
– 64-bit OS – Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent; Memory: 6 GB RAM; Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 680
– 16 GB free hard disk space
– DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive
– Internet connection

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