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“The new spring in AI is the most significant development in computing in my lifetime. Every month, there are stunning new applications and transformative new techniques. But such powerful tools also bring with them new questions and responsibilities.” – Sergey Brin

If you want practical knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and guidelines that work in real life to use this tech, you are at the right place.

This website is for you, if you want to :

  • simplify AI terms for yourself
  • understand how businesses are using AI to their benefit
  • discover opportunities from latest trends & developments in AI
  • get practical tips on when and when not to use AI
Machines can play, sing & write, probably even fall in love someday. So, what’s the big deal? How’s that going to make any difference to me?

Why did I start this site?


As a business technologist, I am fascinated by this rapidly evolving space. The implications of the machine age are far reaching and require everyone to be actively involved in the evolution of this technology.  We are at a momentous point in history that allows us to dream big. The TED talk from Gary Kasparov summarises this best.

As part of my work, I invested countless hours in exploring this phenomenon.  A lot has been written & reported on the topic. Unfortunately, most of the resources on this topic tend to be technical, blur what’s possible today with what’s possible in future and sometimes difficult to relate to.  

Through out this effort, it was clear that a typical business user is not the target audience. They are “excluded” at best and “misguided” at worst


I wanted to simplify the answer to one question “How is AI going to make any practical difference in/to my business?”.  Not just for myself, but also to be able to help those around me.  I started with a short Flipboard Magazine in 2017. It was useful, but had too many limitations & was difficult to update/maintain regularly.  


My AI World is my next attempt at addressing this gap. It is where any non-tech person should be able to figure out if/how AI can be used to improve their own world.  


All views and comments expressed in this place are my own. They do not represent my current or past employers.

About Me

B h a s k a r   V u l a p a l l i

Business Technologist | Growth Hacker | Social Entrepreneur

Right now, I drive value for  clients of AWS by helping them adopt AI-led solutions to their business problems. Been doing variations of this for the last ~20 years.

Proud dad of 3 amazing kids. Living in Singapore.

Love data. travel. dreams.

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