How AI is affecting our daily lives.
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Online Analytics

Cloud Computing

​To bridge the gap between the man-made and natural systems, there is a need to develop a complete sensing and telemetry system which will enable us to gather information from the environment.

Water Oscillators

Human Diagnosis

Understanding environmental signals and condition changes help in identifying illnesses early and helping to decide right care for the patient.



Understanding the smallest weather sensors helps in improving the efficiency of a larger system.

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We’re glad you want to work with us, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you very soon.The Foundation hopes to improve education standards in the Gloucestershire area

High-achieving pupils in Gloucestershire face disappointment after it emerged they will be removed from the best school league tables for schools in the area.

They will be replaced by pupils from neighbouring authorities, whose results are too low to qualify.

For the first time, the league table will rank primary schools only and count pupils at nursery level.

The move is the result of a deal between the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, and the Local Education Authority.

But parents in Gloucestershire are angry, with many believing that a system that grades schools on the number of O-levels their pupils pass is unfair and one that puts a premium on traditional grammar schools.

Head teachers believe it is an unfair way to judge schools.

‘Lucky’ it’s Gloucestershire

The decision has been taken under ‘transitional arrangements’ which involve removing the ‘outstanding’ label that the best 10-15 schools

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