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ACS Engineers with Robotics
ACES Engineers with Robotics is a collaboration between the College of Engineering and Associated Colleges of the State of New York to increase engineering enrollment through the development of instructional materials for the engineering curriculum.
The National Engineering Research Center for Robotics was established to investigate, develop, and adapt robotics technologies.
Industrial Testing Collaboration (ITC)
The ITC, under the guidance of the College of Engineering and Engineering and Science Coordinating Council, was established to enable and strengthen cooperative, student-driven research in the engineering and science disciplines within community-based industries.
ACES Association of Universities and Colleges
The ACES Association of Universities and Colleges promotes excellence in higher education through collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships between members. New York State has 46 institutions of higher education, including four community colleges.

International partnerships
ACS Engineers with Robotics works with many universities in many countries around the world.

School of Engineering
Eindhoven University of Technology,
University of Bath,
University of Central Florida,
Technical University of Denmark,
Harvard University,
Tel Aviv University,
Rutgers University,
University of California Los Angeles,
Missouri University of Science and Technology,
University of Michigan–Dearborn,
The University of Melbourne,
University of Queensland,
Technical University of Denmark,
University of Toronto,
Western University,
Utrecht University,
University of York,
University of Essex,



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