How AI is affecting our daily lives.
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News and trends related to AI curated from across the web through sources that I follow and learn from.

Strategy & Marketing

McKinsey on AI

As with everything business & strategy, McKinsey is a definitive reference place to keep yourself abreast of the 'big picture' on Artificial Intelligence.

Wired - The AI Database

WIRED has just launched, Mar 2021, a new collection of all their stories on Artificial Intelligence. Excellent source for nicely categorised stories across industries, topics, technology stacks and more.

Allen Institute for AI

AI2's youtube channel provides regular updates on the key events shaping up the progress of AI from across the world. This is a great source of in-depth views & techniques on AI.

What's AI

Short primers, explainers and introductory videos on everything AI. Interesting and simple takes by Leon (from Toronto) almost every Sunday. This is a great place to keep visiting every month for refreshing the basics.

From Research Institutes and Universities