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Category:Electronic musical instruments
Category:Pro audioWin a trip to a 75th birthday party

8th of February 2013

The Manchester Evening News is running a competition inviting residents to help celebrate a birthday.

The prize is a VIP trip to a party for one of the M.E.N. ’s 22-year-old winners as they celebrate turning 75.

All you need to do is spread the word by inviting a friend and getting them to help choose their favourite M.E.N. newspaper by voting online.

The winner will be declared next Friday (March 8).

The party will be a surprise, but each winner will receive tickets to the gig.

To enter:

– Tweet to @M.E.N with the #75th birthday and #Surprise75 hashtags.

– Write a blog post to which other readers will be able to vote and leave a comment.

For more information visit the M.E.N. website, where you will find the rules.

The competition closes at 10am on Tuesday (February 26).

If you would like a lift to the event on March 8, simply tweet @M.E.N with your mobile number. We will keep you updated on how to get a lift and other details and the person who receives the most votes (not including inbound texts) will win a ticket.Q:

How to select/activate text boxes and text areas of a webpage using JavaScript/Jquery?

How to select/activate text boxes and text areas of a webpage using JavaScript?
For example, I have 4 text boxes and text areas of a webpage, I want to activate text boxes based on a dropdown menu selection. I also want to activate text areas as well.
How to do it? Can you please give me some examples, jquery/javascript?


If they are just textboxes that you wish to activate depending on a dropdown menu selection.
Assuming the HTML is like:



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The events in the new book, which was conceived when women were still striving for equality in law, the civil service and the professions, have led to the creation of two new, successful legal careers. The book starts in London and covers ‘wonderful women’ in the running of the world’s capital, from the creator of the Victoria and Albert Museum, to the first female police superintendent, DC Sue Sim, who led the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad.
The amazing women of the Ministry of Defence are celebrated in the second part of the book, from the first female Royal Naval officer in her day to the senior most female commander of the Royal Navy. The book also visits legal centres – in the US, the UK and here in the UK – where pioneering legal women are still helping those who come to them for help.
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